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Welcome to The Archive of The obscure

I began this community for users to post their stories...their writings...their works of fiction...and also for people to read and review these stories...

Threre are not many restrictions for the stories you can post...

Any genre,any pairing,any type(slash,het..)
But I have to warn you of TWO things
-No Mary Sues
-No NC17
-And absolutely NO PLAGIARISM....
- And pls post behind a cut...If not U will slow things down to a snails pace
And for the reviewers..
-Pls respect the peoples work..
-No cursing in your reviews

Other then those guidelines you are provided FULL CREATIVE freedom to your stories...

ALL stories on this site are the properties of their respective writers...PLEASE ask before posting on any other site

And one more thimg...
If you are fresh out of ideas..dont worry for I will post challenges every month or so..If you have suggestions for these challenges E mail me...My email is in my info page
Well thats all for now
So write
Have fun
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